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Catering & Hotel Business

Guests are looking forward to enjoying sumptuous pleasures which they expect, and in the kitchen the chefs are whipping up delicious dishes. There is peak activity, and therefore everything has to run perfectly in the kitchen.

In every kitchen of course, a lot of water is used for washing and flushing processes.
INOWA takes care that those fats included in wastewaters will be propperly separated.

Catering & Hotel Business-

Special Requirements

Kitchen wastewaters have to be cleaned, in which those wastewaters and fat amounts may be really large at peak times, according to the size and capacity of the kitchen.

Those fats have to be separated reliably at any time, even at full operation. Thereby we also have to consider the
persistency of separators against those aggressive fats.

INOWA Solutions

INOWA offers fat separators in two versions - as freestanding stainless steel design or for an underground installation as a concrete basin, preferably with PEHD inside coating and an absolute persistency against aggressive fats.

Rest-fat separators of an even better cleaning performance than those of customary fat separators can be supplied by INOWA on request, too.


For gastronomy and catering businesses, but also for meat-processing companies, INOWA has got a decent range of fat separating products.