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Building Companies 建筑公司

The vehicle fleet and the machinery of building companies have to bear a high strain day by day.
Dust, soil, mud, etc. at any weather conditions and circumstances a lot of hard work is done.
This means an enormous strain for the machinery.
That is why the vehicles and machinery have to be maintained and washed intensively, in order to be ready for operation. For our wastewater engineering these washing processes mean a real challenge and an appropriate planning.
Building Companies 建筑公司-

Special Requirements 特殊要求

Because of that strong dirtiness of vehicles and machinery with dust and soil/sludge but also because of the dirt with lubricators and fuels all the separating plants of wash places of earthmoving companies have to be equippped for a high creation of sludge and light liquids, and they have to separate light liquids reliably.

Customary oil separators with filter or other coalescence materials have the disadvantage, that the filters or coalescence packages will clog caused by fine sludge in the wastewater, and surface swimmer will also clog with dirt.
For the operators this would mean frequent and intensive maintenance- and cleaning intervals, but there is hardly time for that, especially during the peak season.

INOWA Solutions INOWA方案

INOWA has got the ideal solutions:
  • maintenance-free wastewater technology WITHOUT filter or coalescence packages - which means: no cleaning work caused by adding coalescence materials
  • 不采用过滤网材料,免维护技术,无需清洗更换过滤网
  • no surface swimmers in the flow-through area - which means: no time consuming maintenance/cleaning of surface swimmers
  • 水的流动区域没有密度浮阀,无需清洗浮阀
  • oval basin technology with larger sludge collector volumes - which results in a better sludge sedimentation effect and longer disposal intervals
In case of a very high sludge creation, the pre-setting of separate sludge collectors is recommended;
(INOWA System H C4)
如污泥量很大,建议前端设沉泥池(INOWA System H C4系列)


The INOWA System H C2 in oval construction design and a higher sludge collector volume is most suitable for the use at building companies. Its maintenance-free separating technique minimizes the maintenance work.