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Trade and Industry贸易和工业

Even for those numerous companies in trade and industry, which are not illustrated in the other branch paths, INOWA offers taylor made wastewater engineering solutions.

In this area there are most various companies from the areas of building construction trade, energy providers, food and catering etc., as well as other companies with industrial wastewaters.

You can obtain further information about other diverse branches and business areas from our employees.
On scrapyard a maximum operating saftey and of separating plants is required. INOWA systems come up t these sophisticatedl requirements. 了解详情
Building companies usually have got a big fleet of vehicles and a lot of building machines, which have to be maintained and washed regularly. A real challenge for wastwater 了解详情
Even for dewatering turbine systems in waterpower plants, INOWA has got taylor made solutions in its range. 了解详情
Even for the treatment of kitchen- wastewaters solutions are offered by INOWA. 了解详情
Different production processes in food industries cause wastewaters, which have to be cleaned before their inflow into the drainage channel. 了解详情
Individual solutions for most different wastewaters from industrial processes. 了解详情