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Municipal Companies

There are a number of municipal companies, which are responsible for the maintenance of traffic ways, infrastructure and our daily life would hardly be conceivable without them. It comprehends e.g. building yards, motorway- and road maintenance companies, river maintenance places, city authority departments etc.

In order to fulfil their tasks they all need partly big vehicle fleets, which have to be maintained and washed.
INOWA has got the right wastewater technology for municipal companies and their important tasks.
Municipal Companies-


In those manifold municipal companies there is often a large number of special vehicles, for whose maintenance and care work a lot of time is spent. The staff has to take care for the fleet and has to fulfil certain tasks and services. Naturally they have got only little time to devote themselves to any maintenance work of separating plants.

So the most important requirement on separating plants is therefore a least possible maintenance effort.

INOWA Solutions

Our INOWA System H is best suited for municipal companies. Those innovative features like a maintenance-free separating technology, the automatic oil withdrawal into a separate oil container as well as the non-presence of surface swimmers which would have to be tared, all reduce its maintenance and supervision to a minimum.

All that will relieve the staff and plays it free for their actual tasks and jobs.


Least maintenance effort through maintenance-free separating technology. The INOWA System H meets all requirements of municipal companies.