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Fire Brigades and Ambulance Departments

Emergency vehicles are heavily utilised and very often in operation for a long time. So they have to be cleaned and maintained very well. Just as the equipment which may easily get dirty or in contact with light liquids in emergency cases. Because of these reasons there are wash places and washing plants at fire brigade and ambulance stations.

This also makes the use of oil separators necessary. INOWA has got suitable separating plants in its range.

Fire Brigades and Ambulance Departments-


Little Maintenance Effort

No matter if fire brigade or ambulance department - the most important quality for this area is a least possible maintenance work, as particularly with voluntary emergency departments there is not always a trained staff available and the care work for vehicles and equipment is enough anyway. A cleaning of coalescence filters is certainly not a matter which is liked to be done.

Absolute Reliability

In case of fire brigades, it has to be said that there may arise a larger amount of light liquids as the equipment to be cleaned is every now and then heavily soiled or draggled with mineral oils (e.g. after oil accidents, or accidents with a resulting oil leakage). Separating plants have to be extremely reliable at this application area.

INOWA Solution

The maintenance-free separating engineering of the INOWA System H is exactly the solution which is required for fire brigade- and ambulance departments. There is no cleaning of filters or coalescence materials necessary.
The task force can totally concentrate on the care for vehicles and equipment.

In addition to that, the System H with its automatic oil withdrawal into the separate oil container is absolutely safe and perfectly suited for fire brigades, where large amounts of waters can be generated in the course of certain exercises and emergency trainings.


The INOWA System H is the approved separating plant for emergency organisations. It contains little maintenance work, absolute operating safety and reliability.