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System Example Petrol Station

Typical for wastewater engineering at petrol stations is the fact, that there are more spots of wastewater formation and differently polluted wastewaters to be considered:

* Portal Washing Plant
* Refuelling Area
* Self-Service washing spots

A compact solution for the wastewater treatment of these formation spots is described below. But next to this solution we also would like to develop a taylor-made concept for you, exactly to your requirements.
System Example Petrol Station-

Typical Plant Configuration

As a typical plant configuration for wastewater engineering including washwater preparation suites the compact preparation plant INOWA Watertec WT3K combined with the combination basin INOWA System H C5.

This WT3K is the ideal preparation plant for portal washing plants which can be found at petrol stations very often. At a capacity of up to 3.000 liter per hour, it will sufficiently cover the demand of petrol stations, and moreover it is ideal for tight and small engineering space, due to its compact construction.

The underground components of the coarse particles separaton (sludge collection) and of the activation process incl. accumulation basin, can ,in this case, be housed together with an oil separator - (however, in separated part flows) - in only one monolithic basin of the type INOWA System H C5.

INOWA System H C5

The INOWA System H C5 is conceptually designed as a compact cleaning- and preparation system for all the wastewaters occuring in the operation process. So this compact system includes sludge collector and high performance separator for
  • Part Flow 1 , from the areas refuelling spots and self-service washing spots
as well as all underground components for
  • Part Flow 2 , from the area brush washing plants.
Please find further details to our System H C5 here...