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Mineral Oil - Production, Trade and Logistics

Innovative wastewater engineering is not only asked for at petrol stations.

Long before well known mineral oil products like petrol or diesel are delivered to the petrol stations, there is
already a long way to go through inside the production and logistics processes.

In all those part processes there are saftey measures to obey to, and of course wastewater plants are required.
Mineral Oil - Production, Trade and Logistics-

Various Requirements

The search for raw oil and its exploitation, its storage in fuel tanks, its processing in refineries, decanting stations etc. all require an optimal wastewater engineering.

Companies of this branch have always had a lot of experience in wastewater engineering and therefore they make high demands, as separating plants are part of very strict safety and environment concepts.

Apart from locally bounded plants, threre are also overground systems and mobile systems to be used quite frequently. That is why flexibility at a highest possible safety- and great performance level, all at the same time, are the qualities in demand.

Of course the requirments may be highly different from company to company and from application to application.

Individual Solutions

Intelligent products like the INOWA System H, in its varios versions as well as those mobile versions are exactly the right systems for the complete branch.

The maintenance free separting engineering by INOWA is particularly praised, as especially with plants of a high nominal capacity, those ordinary filter separators will cause relatively high costs due to their high maintenance and cleaning costs.

For mobile purposes and above ground applications the INOWA System H FR is perfectly suited. The free standing stainless steel version of the high performance separator can easily be integrated in trailer systems or it can be used mobile at the premises.

According to the application case, there is a taylor-made concept to be developped by our INOWA-Specialists.


All products of the High-Performance Separator construction series System H are perfectly suited for the use in the mineral oil branch. In great demand are our free standing ones, version H-FR for a mobile use.