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Mineral Oil Production and Trade

In the complete process chain, from the the production and processing of mineral oil via the whole logistics chain and on to the petrol stations, water protection and environmental safety plays a huge role. Many various applications require a lot of wastewater engineering.

INOWA, with its maintenance free separating engineering, its innovative basin systems and and also with its washwater preparation systems provides a wide and extensive range of products, in order to cover all these demanding and sophisticated requirements in this branch.
High safety standards, operation standards, operation safety around the clock and preferably maintenance free. No problem for INOWA Engineering. 了解详情
Application areas of wastewater engineering are various in the branch of mineral oil industry, as well as in mineral oil trade and logistics. INOWA offers most individual 了解详情
At petrol stations there are often two wastewater part flows to be treated. One from the portal washing plant and the other one from refuelling areas and self-service washing 了解详情