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Barracks and Military Training Grounds

In barracks and military training grounds there are usually garages, facility petrol stations and wash places in order to keep the vehicles ready for operation, on the other hand there are also weapon systems and other equipment maintained and cleaned.

The particular situation of military facilities requires an operating readiness of all the equipment and wastewater preparation plants around the clock, without great effort. INOWA Systems stand out because of their maintenance-free separating technology and intelligent basin technology.

Barracks and Military Training Grounds-

Strict Requirements

The most essential requirement is an operating readiness and operating reliability around the clock. Especially on military training grounds, there is not always trained staff available for possible maintenance work.

That is why the separating systems have to be especially user friendly and robust. In addition, there is also a larger amount of sludge creation as the vehicles like tanks are heavily soiled and muddy from their rides through fields and meadows.

INOWA Solutions

The INOWA System H is the ideal choice for military facilities. It is especially user friendly, robust and equipped with a maintenace-free separating technology, which relieves the staff.

In case of high sludging and mud on the washplaces the System H C2 in oval basin with a larger sludge collector is very recommendable.


The System H fulfills all the requirements which are important at military facilities.

The System H C2 is ideal in case of bigger sludge amounts.