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System Example Car-Wash Plant 洗车系统示意

For the washwater preparation it is important to plan a well balanced system of preparation basins and an above- ground preparation plant. This particularly applies to car-wash plants, at which there is a large amount of water to be cleaned.

With our innovative basin system "System C" and our "Watertec" preparation plants the car-wash plant opeator will get a well balanced complete system independent of the brand of the car-wash plant and of the used chemistry.
System Example Car-Wash Plant 洗车系统示意-

Typical Plants Configuration 典型设备选择

System Solution:
  • INOWA System C4 (Sludge Collector) C4沉泥池
  • INOWA System C1 (Activation- and Withdrawal Basin) C1 活性池和收集池
  • High-Performance Separator INOWA System H 高效分离器
According to the plant´s specification there can also be used two C4-basins and/or two C1-basins.

The compact basin System C4 causes an ideal sludge sedimentation. The modularly structured compact basin System C1 offer the possibility to combine the activation process as well as the withdrawal basin in one underground construction component.

Heavier polluted wastewaters arising from self-service places can be drained off into the channel directly
via a High-Performance Oil Separator INOWA System H.

Sources of Wastewater Generation 小肠陈污染源

At car-wash plants there are usually two sources where wastewater is generated:
  • the car-wash plant itself (incl. pre-washing) 洗车设备
  • the self-service washing places 洗车场地
At the design of the plant it often has to be considered, that the number of self-service washing places shall be extandable.