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Self-Service Washcenters 自助洗车

Self-Service Washcenters enjoy a rising popularity. A lot of people want to wash their car themselves instead of having it washed at the car-wash plant and so they make use of numerous self-service washcenters. Especially on beautiful days and at the weekends self-service centers are in full operation.

An important aspect for self-service washcenters is the right separating plant. Highest operating reliability and lowest maintenance at the same time are the two things that count for these operators. INOWA oil separators provide exactly these advantages.

Self-Service Washcenters 自助洗车-

Special Requirements 特殊要求

An interruption of operating at the time of the busiest customer frequency is a nightmare for any operator.
That is why separator systems have to provide a high operating reliability. Also the maintenance requirements have to be as little as possible, in order not to cause any unnecessary operating failures.

Moreover, a lot of self-service washcenters are not permanently managed with staff, i.e. if there are any possible operating troubles e.g. with warning devices of customary separators, it can only be reacted to it delayed in time.

Thus innovative solutions are demanded.

INOWA Solution INOWA方案

INOWA separating plants do not have any filters or coalescence materials and no surface swimmers in the flowed through area either. That is why there are no extensive cleaning- and maintenance processes required, which might interrupt the operation. Even at the time of oil disposal from the separate oil container, the operation can go on.

I.e. as simple as the car-wash is prepared for the customer, just as simple is the operation of the INOWA´S
Oil Separating System H.
就像洗车设备提供的简便服务一样,INOWA H系列油水分离器运行也非常简便

Products 产品

Maintenance-free separating technology, automatic oil withdrawal into a separate oil container, no swimmers in the flow area. These are detail solutions which will save self-service washcenter operators a lot of effort and costs, and at the same time they will care for a reliable operation.