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Conveyor Tunnel Washing Systems 自动洗车设备

A lot of petrol stations, smaller wash centers but also car dealer houses offer their customers conveyor tunnels washinng systems for their car care. Even though the numbers of washes are smaller than those at car-wash plants, there also applies for conveyor tunnels, that the washwater preparation is an essential aspect for a good wash result, for low operating costs and for a perfect operating reliability.

For passenger cars but also for lorry converyor tunnel washing systems, INOWA does not only have the most suitable preparation plants in its programme, but also offers a well adjusted complete system with its own modular basin systems.
Conveyor Tunnel  Washing Systems 自动洗车设备-

Special Requirements 特殊要求

Simple service, high operating reliability, an excellent cleaning performance even at full operation, low costs, little place requirement and a small maintenance effort. These are the demands made on washwater preparation plants.

In addition there is a flexible system control, which reacts to fluctuating capacity utilisation. Moreover, those tightly dimensioned engineering rooms are also a real challenge.

The above-ground preparation plant must not be seen by any means separated from those necessary underground basins (sludge collector, activation process, etc.). Only if the basin system is well adjusted to the preparation plant, the performance of the complete plant is alright.

The INOWA Solutions INOWA方案

For Passenger Car Conveyor Tunnel Systems, that combination of the compact preparation plant INOWA Watertec WT3K and the combination basin System H C5 has proved perfectly. Both plant components are extremely place saving and meet all the requirements, that an operator of a roll-over vehicle washing system may ask for. In the System H C5 there is also an oil separator integrated beside the wastewater treatment. In this way, two separated part flows can be processed in only one single basin.
对小型轿车洗车设备,INOWA循环水设备WT3和H C5池体的结合完美的实现了污水利用的功能。在 H C5池体内整合了油水分离和循环水储水功能,一个池体两个功能

For Lorry Conveyor Tunnel Washing Systems, a combination of the preparation plant Watertec WT6-10 and the System H C1 usually comes to application. This combination comes up to the larger water amounts used for washing lorries.
对大型客车洗车设备,采用INOWA 循环水设备WT6-10 和 H C1池体。这个组合可以处理大用水量的需求

Products 产品

According to the size of the car-wash plant the combination Watertec WT3K and System H C5 (passenger car-wash plant) or Watertec WT6-10 and System H C1 (lorry-wash plant) are optimal.
针对现场条件,可以灵活组合循环水设备 WT3K 和 H C5池体或WT6-10 和 H C1池体