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Car-Wash Plants 汽车清洗设备

On a beautiful day, hundreds of car-wash customers visit a car-wash plant of their choice, in order to have their vehicle washed, and to be glad about a clean and fresh looking car afterwards. Satisfied customers will come again and again, that is why the car-wash operators are eager on a perfect washing quality.

An essential contribution to the washing result and operating costs of these washing plants is provided by the washwater preparation. The innovative washwater preparation plants from INOWA will care for a clean washwater, low ooperating costs and a safe and reliable operation.

Car-Wash Plants 汽车清洗设备-

Special Requirements 特殊要求

INOWA is the Specialist for Car-Wash Plants.

In the area of commercial car-wash business the operating reliability is the main priority next to a perfect wash result in order to satisfy the customer. A bad washwater quality has a bad effect to the wash result, and any non-operating of course means a loss of income.

That is why it is so important to perfectly adjust underground components (Basins) with ground components (preparation plants).

Sludge collector and activation level also have to be professionally designed, as well as the preparation plant inside the engineering room. Backflows during washing operating times have to be avoided. Even the right use of an oil separator has to be reasonably planned, in order to achieve a maximal operating reliability.

The INOWA Solutions INOWA方案

INOWA offers with its preparation plants, basin systems and separating plants the most suitable wastewater solution for any car-wash plant.

Especially the oval basin system offers enormous advantages versus customary round basin solutions, particularly regarding to the cleaning performance.

The sludge sedimentation effect, for example, is essentially down to the flow rate.
So the dimension of the water surface is crucial. Above all at car-wash plants of an accordingly high water flow-through those customary round basins will only provide the possibility to sediment coarse sludge, even though there may be more basins next to each other. By use of oval basin solutions, however, there are also smaller sludge particles sedimented at a considerably slower speed.

This means in practice, that first and foremost, the above-ground technology isn´t so much polluted with sludge and dirt, and secondly we don´t have to use cost intensive flocculation agents. Those necessary back-flows are reduced to a minimum and can be postponed to night hours, when there are no car-wash processes.
In this way, operating costs are reduced, as both the preparation plant and the components of the car-wash plant do show a longer product life.

Products 产品

The range of products from INOWA include the ideal portfolio for preparation concepts of car-wash companies. From innovative basin systems via preparation plants to oil separators, a complete concept can be implemented.