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Car-Wash Plants 汽车冲洗设备

Whether a portal washing plant, roll-over washing plants, self-service centers or a complete washing center - Every washing plant operator wants to offer the best possible service to the customers in an allround service.
But in order to guarantee that everything works perfectly, an intelligent and well adjusted water- and wastewater system is of crucial importance.

Predominantly important are usually the most modern washing techniques with their cleaning- , drying- and polishing processes. But of course, the washwater preparation plays an important role and contributes decisively to the cleaning and washing results, and of course it has also a massive effect on operating costs.

The best washwater for a perfect washing result as well as a high operating reliabilty are the most crucial requirements at car-wash companies. INOWA is the right partner. 了解详情
For conveyor tunnel washing systems like e.g. at petrol stations, INOWA has got the compact preparation plant Watertec WT3K in its range. 了解详情
Self-Service Washcenters with HP-washboxes need a reliable separating plant of a lowest possible maitenance effort. 了解详情
An innovative basin system and the preparaton plants from INOWA enable a well balanced system. Here you will find a typical plants configuration. 了解详情