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Car Manufacturers 汽车生产

The car branch is a prime example in terms of quality- and environment management. Strict guiding rules and voluntary commitments care for a most environmental processes in different areas starting from research & development, produciton via logistics and all the way to the end customer.

The best and most modern wastewater engineering solutions are taken for granted by car manufacturers. INOWA is
the right partner in this most sophisticated branch and provides longterm concepts.
Car Manufacturers 汽车生产-

Special Requirements 特殊要求

On the factury premises of car manufacturers there are a number of different wastewater occuring places. It applies to development and production areas, building, large outside areas, but also to washing plants for produced cars.
Just as efficient as all the procedures and processes in a car factury are laid down, so has to be the wastewater technology - simply uncompromising.

Especially in such a complex factury it is essential to use a united, maintenance-friendly and efficient system.
The use of customary separators of different suppliers usually leads to difficulties in the administration, maintenance care, and the acquisition of spare parts.

The INOWA Solution INOWA解决方案

For car manufacturers the INOWA System H High-Performance Separators have proved to be the ideal solution.
Wheter as a concrete basin or as an above ground freestanding stainless steel solution, the maintenance free INOWA separating technology offers the ideal concept for all areas.
INOWA H系列是适用于清楚行业的理想技术。不论是埋地式安装还是地面放置式安装,INOWA免维护设备都可提供适用的产品

The advantages for the factury: least maintenance work, total safety and reliability, no worries at general inspections and the observance of strictest guiding rules of the environmet management.

In terms of washing plants the whole range of preparation plants of the INOWA Watertec-Series is available.


The INOWA High-Performance Separator Plants System H, in both the concrete construction and the freestanding stainless-steel version, will cover all the requirements in car facturies.