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Car Dealers 汽车代理商

The employees of car dealership houses shall be able to concentrate totally on their customers and their best possible care. In order to grant that, the existing infrastructure like e.g. platforms, storage technique, but also the wastewater treatment has to run smoothly and asolutely reliably.

As the more the staff has to care about operating facilities, the less time remains for the customer.
This also especially applies to wastewater technology.
Car Dealers 汽车代理商-

Special Requirements 特殊要求

At car dealers there are a number of places where wastewater originates. Garage, workshop, parts cleaning, wash boxes or washing plants as well as parking areas of defect cars, etc. have to be dewatered and require an appropriate extensive wastewater concept.

I.e. according to the size and offered services by the car dealership house, there are one or more wastewater flows to be cared of. More often than not, the available space for basins in general, but also the space inside the washing plant engineering room may be very limited.
根据代理商的规模和服务范围,会有一个或多个污水源处理。 而污水处理设备的空间相当有限是普遍现象。

Compact solutions with a reliable and maintenance-low technology are very much required here.

The INOWA Solutions INOWA方案

A typical and compact solution, which covers several requirements of a car dealer house, is the combination of the basin INOWA System H-C5 with a washwater preparation plant INOWA Watertec WT3K.
典型而且紧凑的方案,如NOWA System H-C5油水分离器和INOWA Watertec WT3K水循环设备将是适用于多种需求的理想方案。

With this System H C5 two part flows can be operated in only one basin:
1) heavily polluted wastewaters of smaller quantity arising from garage, wash boxes and parking area of defect
cars. 来自机修,冲洗设备,待修车辆停泊场的水含污物较多
2) slightly polluted wastewaters of larger quantity arising from the car-wash plant. 来自洗车设备的水含污物较少

As in the separator part of this basin there is also the sludge collector and a sampling point integrated, there are no further basins necessary.

The WT3K preparation plant with its compact dimensions and its integrated recycled water basin and pressure boosting station will also fit into the smallest engineering rooms.

Car dealers without a washing plant like to fall back on the INOWA Oil Separator System H.
没有冲洗设备的代理商倾向于采用INOWA System H 类型的油水分离器。

Products 产品

By use of the INOWA System H C5, two wastewater flows can be operated in only one basin. Wastewaters arising at the garage area as well as at the car-wash plant can be operated separately from each other.
INOWA System H C5系列可以用一个池体接受两个方向的入水。如:修车场地和洗车房的污水可以分头进入

A small place requirement and smaller costs at the general inspection are two essential advantages.