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Automobile Garages 汽车修理

If the appointment schedule is full and the garage is working to full capacity, everything has to work smoothly, as the customer doesn´t want to wait for his car any longer than necessary. So there is little time for the operators and their employees to care for the cleaning or maintenance of the wastewater technology.

That is why our INOWA Wastewater Technology is ideal for the use in automobile garages, as the separating technology is maintenance free, highly effective and absolutly reliable in operation. No awkward cleaning of a filter or permanent maintenance work will interrupt the repair work.
So be there for your customers and their cars, we will stop any cause for concern !

Automobile Garages 汽车修理-

Special Requirements 特殊要求

In automobile garages there are a number of wastewater creating places. From the garage area, the parts cleaning resp. the car-wash box, from parking areas or from an automatic vehicle washing plant there are wastewaters to be treated.

Additionally the separation plant should be as maintenance free as possible but still reliable and safe. More often than not the available area for the separation plant is limited or an existing plant has to be replaced.

For our customers in the garage area there is above all one thing to consider: as low effort as possible, little costs and a long durability of the plant.

The INOWA Solutions

For garages INOWA offers several solutions according to kind and size of the garage. If there is an automatic car-wash plant present, our INOWA System H C5 is most ideal, as in only one combi-basin there are two separated part flows that can be treated. The heavily polluted wastewaters from the garage, the wash-box, parking areas of damaged vehicles etc. are led via the integrated oil separator, the slightly polluted washwater is treated in a separate part flow but in the same basin.

If there is no portal washing plant, the best choice will be a separation plant of the type INOWA System H.
相对复杂的洗车设备,INOWA H系列是最好选择

For small garages we offer the design System H Supra: a construction without separate oil container, but with all the advantages of a maintenance free separation technology.
对于较小的机修车间,我们有H SUPRA系列:不带油箱,但具备其他所以免维护的优点。


According to size and equipment of the respective garage, there are a number of oil separator versions to be considered.

INOWA offers the suitable product for any requirements.