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Agricultural Machinery - Companies 农机行业

Whether heat and dust, or rain and mud - Agricultural machinery just as e.g. tractors, harvester-threshers etc. and their trailer equipment are heavily strained but have to fulfill their work in any circumstances. Their high strain and off-road work will make an intensive maintenance and care particularly important.

In agricultural manufacturies and garages there are of course larger quantities of wastewaters because of the washing processes of these large machinery. This in turn, will result in special requirements on the wastewater technology.

Inowa has got the suitable solution by means of all our separator- and basin systems.
Agricultural Machinery - Companies 农机行业-

Special Requirements 特殊要求

Particularly during and after the main seasons the machinery and equipment, which can be very dirty, are washed. Because of the creation of high sludge and light liquids the separator plants have to be of very high capacity.

Customary filter separators tend to have a displaced filter because of the fine sludge and have to be cleaned very often. Especially at times of much work to full capacity, this interruptions and the resulting cleaning effort of the separator is really awkward and can be avoided.

The sludge collector has to be disposed frequently, too.

INOWA Solution INOWA方案

The filterless separator plants with the oil extractor into a separate oil container by IOWA are especially well suited for this application. Because of a fully hydrodynamic effect of the separator no filter can get choked, and so the plant is permanently ready for operation even at full cleaning capacity.

Because of a higher sludge creation at these kind of businesses the use of separators in oval construction is recommended - the INOWA System H C2. This separator boasts a larger sludge collector volume and so the intervals of sludge disposals can be extended.
因这个行业往往带有大量泥沙,采用椭圆形池体的INOWA C5系列更有优势。这个系列带有拓展的沉泥空间,清理的间隔可以延长。


The INOWA oil separator in oval construction with an enlarged sludge collector is ideal for the use in agricultural companies and agricultural garages.