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Car Industries 汽车工业

In the automobile branch water protection and the appropriate wastewater technology are taken for granted. Every day vehicles are washed, and lubricators, oils and fuels are handled.

Innovative wastewater concepts from simple but important oil separator to a complete washwater preparation plant
with adjusted basin systems are INOWA´S speciality.

INOWA offers concepts for the whole value creating chain - from car facturies via car dealer houses to garages.
INOWA提供整个价值链 - 从汽车生产,销售到修理全过程
At car dealership houses the customer shall be focused on. Therefore the infrastructure in the background has to run properly. INOWA has got the most suitable wastewater concept 了解详情
Customers don´t like waiting longer than the promised completion deadline. That is why the wastewater technology has to work perfectly. Inowa cares for that. 了解详情
In car facturies with more complex development- and manufacturing processes there are all kind of different wastewaters. INOWA has got the suitable concept for all areas. 了解详情
Agricultural machinery is often heavily strained when in operation. Service and care are very important. The wastewater technology in these facturies has to come up to special 了解详情
In this system example you will see a typical wastewater solution with our System H C5 for different waste creating places in car dealership houses. 了解详情